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Irun Leka Enea

During the 2011/12 season, I played for a Spanish club called Irun Leka Enea. The club is in a small town called Irun, which is 15mins from San Sebastian and about an hour and 30mins from Bilbao. It is in the super women's division.

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I played for a German club in the season of 2010-11. This club was in a town called Essen, which was 20mins from Dusseldorf and it was called DJK TuS Essen-Holsterhausen.

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SA Souché Niort

I played for a club in the National French League called Souché Niort for four years.


When I joined, we played in the second division, Pro B, which we managed to win.  Due to financial situations, the club were unable to take the promotion and so we played my second season in Pro B again.  Once more we won the division, but this time we were able to step up to Pro A, where we stayed for my last two years.

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Lillington Free Church

My very first club was Lillington Free Church. I was 8yrs old when I joined. I will always remember where I came from as I think this is very important and I will never forget the people from the club.

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