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During the 2011/12 season, I played for a Spanish club called Irun Leka Enea. The club is in a small town called Irun, which is 15mins from San Sebastian and about an hour and 30mins from Bilbao. It is in the super women's division.


My matches were played at the weekend. I sometimes travelled for just the matches on the weekends and other times I had the opportunity to stay out there and practice with the team, which was very good, as this gave me variation in my practice. The people in the club were really nice and would do anything for me, and made me feel very welcome.


The league consisted of 12 teams.  My team members were, Tang Tong (a Chinese player who lives out in Irun) and Irene Munoz de Esc (a Spanish player who lives in Granada, but travelled for the matches). Our coach was an Hungarian, who sometimes plays for the club , called Erzsi Demeter. Her husband, Zoltan Batorfialso, helped coach us too (he is also playing for the men's team).


I am very lucky to have found a really nice club with great people and I wish everyone at the club all the best for the future.

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