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I played for a club in the National French League called Souché Niort for four years.


When I joined, we played in the second division, Pro B, which we managed to win.  Due to financial situations, the club were unable to take the promotion and so we played my second season in Pro B again.  Once more we won the division, but this time we were able to step up to Pro A, where we stayed for my last two years.


My matches were every second Tuesday.  I travelled out on the Tuesday morning, or sometime Monday evening, depending on wherabouts in France the match was. I then travelled back to the UK on Wednesday.


soucheThe league consisted of ten teams. Souché is based forty-five minutes from La Rochelle.  My team members were: Li Xue (no.9 in France) who has been the French National Champion; Elena Timina (no. 16 in France) who represented Holland in the 2008 Beijing Olympics; Nadine Brunstein (no. 95 in France) and Elodie Nivelle (no. 105 in France).  The team's coach was Claude Bard.


The club itself has approximately one hundered members. The age groups vary, starting with our youngest members aged just six years old.  They are also well supported at matches, with the vocal crowd flocking to the home fixtures.


The club and all its members were exceptionally kind to me and made me feel welcome from day one, and I will remember my time there fondly. I'd like to thank all at the club for making those four years so enjoyable.


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