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Lillington Free Church

My very first club was Lillington Free Church. I was 8yrs old when I joined. I will always remember where I came from as I think this is very important and I will never forget the people from the club.


I think Lillington Free Church is a really great club; the people are so nice and friendly and will do anything to help you. There are loads of young kids there, which is nice, and also there are lots adults playing there too, so there is a lot of variety.


Lillington Free Church is a fun club to play for. I will never forget how nice everyone was to me when I was playing there. This is why even now when I get time when I'm home I always try and make an appearance at a tournament that is run by Free Church or go to a training session just because it's really important to me and I never want to forget my roots. I will always try and help promote the club in any way I can.


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